Summer Grief Support

Happy Summer, friends.

This time of year is often relaxing, but can be stressful as well. Routines are thrown off and it’s easy to feel off-center. That’s why I want to share some Summer Grief and Loss Support resources with you.

  • Free 7-Minute Guided Meditation
  • With concrete tools and coping strategies for panic attacks, getting a handle on anxious thoughts, and more, Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief  bridges these two emotions in a way that is deeply empathetic and eminently practical.
  • After purchasing Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief, enter your receipt information here to gain access to my 50-page workbook that goes hand in hand with each chapter and helps you apply the concepts and tools to your unique situation.
  • A Safe Place to Grieve (Self-Guided Course) is based on the process I use every day with my grief therapy clients. Now anyone anywhere can take advantage of these tools instantly.
  • My Meditation Online Course is for anyone seeking relief from the depression and anxiety that accompany grief. Cultivating a meditation practice can enable us to return to the present moment and alleviate much of the anxiety and sadness we feel swept away by when we are grieving.

I hope you will take care of your heart and mind over the next couple of months with some of these support tools. Enjoy the rest of your Summer!