Press | Claire Bidwell Smith


“Smith examines staggering losses with the clarity of vision of one on a mission.”

“Smith’s voice is so assured, so curious, that it’s impossible not to want to follow her wherever she might lead us, from organized religion to shamanism to science. No matter what you believe, Smith makes it clear that pondering the meaning of death “has an enormous impact on how we live our lives.” And what she leaves us most with is a sense of wonder about the unknown and a shining kind of hope.”
SF Gate

“Her life seemingly was surrounded by death, so it’s not surprising she became a grief counselor. But she also became a writer.”
Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Smith’s frankness connects with readers. She explores death and dying and opens up about stumbling through youth without the mooring of parents.”
Chicago Tribune

“Pared down prose makes this an intense and affecting book.”
The Guardian

“In After This, Bidwell Smith, an enchanting, knowledgeable, and candid guide, bravely describes her idiosyncratic journey through the various landscapes in which her grief has manifested. Her two callings — writing and helping others confront death — dovetail beautifully.”
Los Angeles Review of Books

“Anyone who has lost someone close to them knows grief, but few articulate it like Claire Bidwell Smith.”
The Herald Sun

“With wisdom and grace, Claire Bidwell Smith navigates the mysteries of grief to show us that there is great meaning and even magic to be found in exploring the unknown.”
— Maria Shriver, bestselling author of WHAT’S HEAVEN?