Do You Wish Your Partner Understood Your Loss?

Have you ever wished that your partner understood your loss on a deeper level? Or wished that they had the understanding and tools to help you through hard moments or anniversaries?

One of the hardest parts about losing my parents has been just wanting my partner to understand this part of my life.

I’ve wished simply that my husband could have met my parents. I’ve wished that he could really understand why certain days are hard for me. I’ve struggled with having in-laws when I don’t have my own parents. And I’ve struggled with feelings of security or trust within my partnerships, as a direct result of having experienced so much loss.

Parent loss at any age plays out throughout our lifetimes in a variety of ways, but most often within the dynamics of a romantic relationship. Often when I sit with groups of other women who have lost a parent I wish that my partner could be listening in. I want him to understand that I’m not the only one, that I’m not crazy for still being sad or having hard days. And I’ve had so many clients tell me that they have the same wish, and the same struggles in their relationships. I’ve even worked one on one with clients and their partners to help them better understand loss as a way of improving their own relationship.


Partner Support through Loss

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve now designed a whole course around this: Supporting Your Partner Through Loss.

If you are a woman who has lost a parent (at any age) and you wish that your partner understood your loss on a deeper level then please consider taking this course. The course is something you and your partner can do together, at your own pace, and I guarantee that you’ll come out of it stronger and more connected.

We’ll be talking about why losing a parent is difficult for a woman, what the long-term effects are like, why certain days or life experiences can make her feel the loss more acutely, and then tying it all together with practical tips and tools for a partner to learn so that they can help support her through it all. I know that something like this would have saved me years of angst and miscommunication in various relationships throughout my life. The course is online, inexpensive, and I swear it’s relatively harmless – I even picked my own husband’s brain about what he would or would not tolerate for something like this!

If you’d like to explore this opportunity, go here.