A Season of Change

Hi Friends!

Summer is almost over and fall will be here soon. This change in season marks a transition for many of us – sometimes it’s back to school, or a change in work temp, an end to languid summer days and the beginning of a more focused time in our lives. I’ve been thinking about this as my family goes through its own big transition – this month we relocated from Los Angeles, California to Charleston, South Carolina. We are excited for this change and for a different pace of life but it hasn’t been without difficulty.

As we said goodbye to our friends and community in Los Angeles I was reminded of the many ways we grieve in this lifetime. Most people associate grief with death and the loss of a person, but grief takes many forms and can grow from almost any kind of transition. We can lose a job or end a relationship with a friend, say goodbye to a sweet pet, or move across the country – grief arises for all of those things.

And each time I experience fresh grief in my life I am reminded of how simple it is. I mean, grief is always layered and complicated, but the way to move through it is always the same. We simply must face it. We must steep in it and feel it and let it have its way with us. There is no way around it. The feelings of sadness and yearning and heart-wrenching angst – they are unavoidable. We must give way to them in order for them to pass.

It can feel scary to do this – to really let grief wash over you and through you, but I promise that surrendering to it is easier than fighting it. When we fight grief or try to suppress the feelings that come, it will manifest in anger, depression and anxiety. So hold tight, reach out to a friend and grab a box of tissues, and let yourself grieve. You’re not the only one. You’re never alone.