online grief program claire bidwell smith

My Online Grief Program is now available anytime!

Although registration is closed for the live May 2018 session, I have developed a self-guided version of the course and it's available now!

First, I want to tell you more about where my motivation to take this path and create this program deepened.

I can tell you that when I was a little girl, the idea of growing up to become a grief counselor was not on my list of things to be. But I can also tell you that I am nothing but grateful for the work I do today. A decade of professional experience, working one on one with clients who are grieving, along with my own personal two decades of loss, has given me such a breadth of knowledge.

It is all of this experience and knowledge that I relied upon to design this program and create the content. For ten years I have worked in the field—first in hospice and now in private practice. I have walked alongside hundreds of individuals going through their own deep grief process and in doing so, I have learned so much—not only about grief itself but about how loss shapes us and enables us to see the world in ways we would never have otherwise.

More about my online program: A Safe Place to Grieve | An online course for overcoming the difficult emotions of grief

Over the course of this self-guided program, I help you tap into the aspects of grieving that I have found essential to healing and growing after losing someone you love. I'm with you every step of the way, thinking about my own personal hardships and triumphs and also about each and every client I have worked with. These individuals have truly taught me everything I know today.

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online grief program claire bidwell smith

A Safe Place to Grieve (Self-Guided Online Grief Program)

Dear Friends,

When my parents died twenty years ago I didn’t know where to turn for grief support. I felt so isolated from my peers, and the grief process I endured was incredibly lonely. I so wish there had been a program like the one I am now launching. And that’s exactly why I’ve created it.

I’ve been wanting to offer this to you for years. And now that dream has come true. A Safe Place to Grieve (previously called Growing and Thriving Through Loss) allows me to serve so many more individuals than I could possibly work with one-on-one. Now, anyone, anywhere, anytime can receive support, community, and guidance as they walk their path with loss.

During the live program sessions, participants also have access to our private Facebook group and direct interaction with me. This is one of the most healing parts of this opportunity for those who want to connect with others who have experienced loss and can deeply understand their what they've been through. 

Of course, the online program experience is different than talk therapy, but I use the same tools and approaches to grief work over the course of these six weeks that I use in my individual sessions.

A Safe Place to Grieve self-guided program includes:

  • Weekly videos (plus transcripts)
  • Printable weekly workbooks
  • Weekly audio meditations
  • Printable journaling workbook
  • Access to the program website
  • Private Facebook group for sharing this journey with fellow participants and receiving my support
  • Daily emails to guide you every step of the way

Throughout the course we move through the following topics in-depth, bringing healing and peace to all the different areas in which you are currently struggling.

Week One: What does it really mean to grieve? We explore the process and your own individual path.

Week Two: We dive into the deep stuff like guilt, anger, and anything left unresolved following your loss.

Week Three: All about anxiety. How it relates to your loss, how to manage it, and how to overcome it.

Week Four: What does it mean to find resilience within your grief process? We take inventory of your life and where the big shifts need to happen.

Week Five: Staying connected. The key to alleviating much of your pain is learning how to stay connected (or reconnect) with your loved one. There are more ways than you think.

Week Six: Moving forward doesn’t mean letting go. Embracing your new normal and learning how to make meaning and find purpose.  

I hope to have the chance to share this program experience with you. I promise it won’t be scary or overwhelming. I’ve walked this path myself and I’ve walked it alongside so many others. There is another side to grief. Let me help you get there.

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