“After a long and fruitless search for a therapist, I feel incredibly lucky to have found Claire. She creates a comfortable environment in which even the toughest sessions feel both rewarding and constructive. More than that, she is a smart, empathetic, and kind presence who has helped me tremendously. I could not recommend Claire more highly.”

— Brian, Los Angeles

Therapy Services 

I have offices in both Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. I also offer phone counseling with clients around the globe. I have a master’s degree in clinical psychology and am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. See below for descriptions of specific areas of service, and please email me for rates and packages if you are interested in working with me.

Grief Counseling 

Grief can last a lifetime if it is not processed. I work with clients who are years out from the loss and also clients who have only recently lost a loved one. Over ten years of working in hospice and in private practice has given me a broad scope of experience with which to understand all the particular facets of grief. In our work together we will focus on healing the immediate effects of grief including anxiety and depression, while also working to examine how the loss has impacted the bigger picture of your life and relationships. Having been through my own grief and loss I can relate to those who are struggling, and I strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for you to process your loss. Throughout the course of this work together I will provide tools and education to help you better understand yourself and your unique grief process. Each person’s experience of grief is different, and my goal is to get to get to know you on a deep level, provide reassurance, support, and healing. We can work together on an indefinite basis, talking weekly or bi-weekly, or you can sign up for one of the Healing Through Grief therapy series I have put together.

Licensed Clinical Profession Counselor #180007946

If you have reached this page in a time of extreme duress or crisis please do not wait for me to return your message. Rather you should go immediately the emergency room or the nearest hospital.

Motherless Daughters Retreats

Author Hope Edelman and I offer several retreats throughout the year focused on healing around mother loss. Please visit our website to learn more or to sign up for an upcoming retreat. http://www.motherlessdaughtersretreats.com

Creative Book Coaching

I also offer creative book coaching with clients who are working on memoir projects. If you’ve been wanting to get started or are feeling stuck on a non-fiction writing project I can work with you on completing the project and can act as editor, consultant, coach, and provide accountability. Having published two nonfiction books of my own, taught dozens of workshops around the world, and relying on therapeutic background, I am able to connect with you about your story in valuable ways and provide the kind of feedback that gets the writing flowing.

“Living overseas and away from my support network makes grief work even more isolating. Fortunately with Claire’s help, I now feel connected to a sisterhood and ‘heard’ with regards to my grief. She is a warm and intuitive counselor who not only provides comfort and encouragement but also a sense of hope that there is life beyond loss.”

— Leslie, Taipei
“Claire was really the only person that truly understood how deeply my parent’s deaths affected me. She helped me through my Dad’s sudden death this past year. And also guided me on how to grieve my Mom’s death from cancer many years ago….when I was just a little girl, only 7 years old. Claire has been a Godsend and I truly feel that she is a huge part of why I have made it through this difficult year. I have learned so much about myself through my sessions with her and she helped me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

— Krystal, Alberta, Canada
“I cannot imagine a better grief therapist than Claire Bidwell Smith. She has the ability to wrap her deep psychology background and understanding of frameworks for dealing with grief in an intimate and soft discussion that makes the client feel incredibly well supported. Perhaps as a result of her own losses, she becomes a partner in going through the process of grief with the person experiencing deep loss, and not just a medical professional. As a result, she has significantly advanced my ability to brave the storms of grief and even to see some of the beauty that it yields as well. I am forever indebted.”

— Jaime, Los Angeles