A Safe Place to Grieve online program with Claire Bidwell Smith

A Safe Place to Grieve is based on the process I use every day with my grief therapy clients. Now anyone anywhere can take advantage of these tools instantly.

This self-guided program guides you through six sections using my meditations and videos, workbook, journal, emails and more!

If you take this step, I will go on a journey with you to another side of grief and help you find peace, connection with your loved one, and a renewed sense of self.

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Thoughts from Past Participants:

“I have learned so much about myself and my grief through this program. I hadn’t realized how much I have bottled up my grief because none of my friends and family know what I’m going through. To be able to work through my grief and actually embrace it, and deal with it has been life-changing. This program was so beneficial. Grief is never-ending. I plan on using all the materials provided moving forward.” – Katelyn

“Thank you, Claire, this course was a great resource for me as you understand what we are going through. I have learned a great deal and have many concepts to think about. I have decided to live and enjoy what is left of my life and spend more time helping others.” – Pat 

My self-guided online grief program includes:

  • Video guidance for each section (plus transcripts)
  • Printable workbook
  • Audio meditations
  • Printable meditation journal
  • Access to the program website
  • Emails to guide you every step of the way

What we’ll be covering during the program:

Section One: What does it really mean to grieve? We explore the process and your own individual path.

Section Two: We dive into the deep stuff like guilt, anger, and anything left unresolved following your loss.

Section Three: All about anxiety. How it relates to your loss, how to manage it, and how to overcome it.

Section Four: What does it mean to find resilience within your grief process? We take inventory of your life and where the big shifts need to happen.

Section Five: Staying connected. The key to alleviating much of your pain is learning how to stay connected (or reconnect) with your loved one. There are more ways than you think.

Section Six: Moving forward doesn’t mean letting go. Embracing your new normal and learning how to make meaning and find purpose.

Why I created this program and what has led me to this work.

I’m an author and grief therapist. After a decade of working with hundreds of clients, I now know that grief and loss are an inextricable part of the human experience. I know that when met with compassion and understanding, we can all find peace on the other side of loss. And that when the grief process is honored, the experience can be transformative and infuse our lives with more meaning than we ever imagined.

I come to this work with deep personal understanding. By the time I was 25, I lost my mother and father to cancer. After they were gone I was left feeling very alone in the world, consumed with anxiety and depression. All these years later I now understand that what I experienced was normal. My losses devastated me, but they also helped to shape me.

Gain support, helpful guidance, and practical tools from anywhere, at any time.

I’ve taken the work I do each day with clients one-on-one and developed this self-guided online experience. I hope you’ll join me as we move through the same approach I walk my clients through to get them to another side of grief. If you take this step, I will go on that journey with you and help you find peace, connection with your loved one, and a renewed sense of self.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have: contact@clairebidwellsmith.com

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