Therapy Services 
I have offices in both Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. I also offer phone counseling with clients around the globe. I have a master’s degree in clinical psychology and am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. See below for descriptions of specific areas of service, and please email me for rates and packages if you are interested in counseling.
Grief Counseling 
Grief can last a lifetime if it is not processed. I am open to seeing clients who are years out from the loss and also clients who have only recently lost a loved one. I also work with depression, relationship issues, parenting, divorce, and creative blocks. I believe strongly in the healing benefits of therapy and am committed to helping clients experiencing personal transformation and find peace within themselves. Having been through my own grief and loss process I can relate to those who are struggling. My goal as a therapist is to help people gain insight into their relationships and communication styles, and to learn to live authentically. I am that therapy is a vulnerable process and I strive to provide a nurturing and compassionate space in which to do the work. Visit my website to read more about the work I do.
Private Grief Retreats
Email me to discuss creating a private grief retreat for just you or you and your loved ones. We will create a space and a plan tailored to your specific needs surrounding the loss and, over the course of several days, do intensive therapy, processing, exercises, and learn coping tools.
Creative Book Coaching
I also offer creative book coaching with clients who are working on memoir projects. If you’ve been wanting to get started or are feeling stuck on a non-fiction writing project I can work with you on completing the project and can act as editor, consultant, coach, and provide accountability. Having published two nonfiction books of my own, taught dozens of workshops around the world, and relying on therapeutic background, I am able to connect with you about your story in valuable ways and provide the kind of feedback that gets the writing flowing.
Please email me for rates and packages on all of the above.