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One Breath, One Night, in Los Angeles

It’s been a busy week already, this first week of September. I got some truly incredible news about my book on Tuesday morning, that I can’t share here right now, but which has elevated my week and my perspective to unmatched heights. It’s cast a strange haze over the way I view my life, my […]

On Gratitude

Caroline Leavitt just made me cry. Caroline is the author of this year’s NY Times bestseller Pictures of You, which I adored. In my quest to reach out other writes I admire, I had Penguin send her my book only about a week ago. She read it already and just emailed me with this quote. […]

On Returning Home to LA

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m alone in the house, about to dive into a morning of writing. I can’t even tell you how exciting this is. For the last three months, ever since we arrived in Los Angeles, I’ve been out the door with Vera by 8:30AM, going to the playground or running errands, so […]