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Vera, 20 Months

Veronica turned 20 months yesterday. She is swiftly earning her middle name — Chatterton. It's my mother's maiden name and because of it, a moniker that came with the nickname Chatterbox, something applicable to V these days. In the last two weeks she has been spewing 4 and 5 word sentences like yesterday's favorite: Gaca […]

Weekly Photo: 19 Months

I'm a little late posting these, but I did take them on time. Veronica at 19 months, reading to monkey. Follow the link below to see the rest of the set.

Weekly Photo (17 Months)

Before I was a parent I always found it incredibly annoying and pretentious when someone would tell me their child's age in months. Now that I'm a mom I get it, but I'm still excited that Veronica is at an age where I can just kind of round up and say "a year and a […]