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4 Days

I woke up around 4AM this morning to get some water and I couldn’t fall back asleep, my mind just racing with all the things left to do, all the things simply going on. My head was hurting too, from all the Champagne I drank at my girls’ get-together last night, and I just lay […]

5 Days

I slept heavily last night and, for the second night in a row, dreamed that Greg and I were fighting. We’ve actually never fought. Only once or twice have we even exchanged harsh words, and that was under extreme duress (re: moving), so these dreams have been unsettling. It’s just after 8AM on Tuesday morning. […]

Picking Up Where I Left Off

Greg and I each had bad dreams last night, waking up more than once in the dark hours to mumble them to each other before drifting off again. I was grateful for the pale morning light and Greg’s solid warmth when I did finally arise. We’re getting married in a matter of days. And I […]