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Just to Say

This post is just to say that things haven't been all roses and sighs and baby coos around here. I haven't had time to write the usual kinds of introspective posts I'm prone to lately but I do want to express that as wonderful as things are right now, they're also really hard. I think […]

The New Me

Ever since V was born everyone has been saying that she looks like a "little Claire." I have to look at her in some kind of M.C. Escher way to really see it. Mostly she just looks like Veronica to me, but if I squint in the right way I can suddenly see how she […]


Well, it's Friday morning and as I type this V is asleep on my lap. She's on her back, cradled by the boppy pillow and from time to time she lets out little sighs or grunts, stretching her arms up over her head or kicking out her little feet unconsciously. Right now her little hand […]