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Twice the…

It’s Wednesday morning in Santa Monica. Jules just went down for a nap and Vera is in school. I’m unshowered in a sweatshirt, battling a case of mastitis. Life is not glamorous these days. I think having a second kid is going to go down in the books as one of the hardest things I’ve […]

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Too

Juliette is a month old. Everyone says that time moves faster with the second, and they’re right. The first month of Vera’s life felt like a year, each day its own kaleidoscope of new beginnings for each of us. In contrast, Juliette has slid into the motion of our family the way the second hand […]

Still Pregnant

Well, it’s Monday and I’m still pregnant. We made it through Veronica’s third birthday party yesterday — a gathering of over 50 (!) friends with their kids at the park yesterday. You can see all the photos here, although this one pretty much sums it up. Vera is out with Greg and her grandparents right […]