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I'm feeling restless and emotional today. I had strange dreams and broken sleep and I woke feeling unsettled. The weather is so nice out right now that the world feels practically foreign. And looming over all, is a hospice volunteer training I'm teaching this weekend Leading these trainings is always an intense and draining experience. […]


Yesterday was one of those life maintenance days. I stayed home from work since I'll be working all weekend conducting a hospice training, and I checked off a bunch of those things that are somehow always on your list but that you never really feel like doing. The morning started off nicely at least. I […]

March, One Year

Greg's best friend Tarek came for dinner last night and I made macaroni and cheese and a cucumber tomato salad and we built a fire in the fireplace to combat the snowy cold outside the windows. At some point Tarek reminded us that the weekend marked one year since we'd moved into this place. He […]