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Notes from Chicago

Hello from Chicago! It’s cold here. But it feels oh-so warm and lovely to be seeing old friends and family. We spent yesterday afternoon and evening at Greg’s sister’s house and Vera could not have been more thrilled to be reunited with her cousins. I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to […]

Dear Girls: We Went to Australia!

Dear Girls, It’s late in the evening as I write this, and you’re both asleep in our little home in Santa Monica. We returned home from Australia three days ago and you’re both settling back into your routines like nothing’s changed. But something has changed, little ones. We went out into the world together, on […]

Back from Oz

I’m back from Australia. Whew, that was quite a trip! I have much, much, much to say but we’re all pretty jet lagged and swamped with unpacking and whatnot. Greg is off to NYC tomorrow morning for work and I’m trying to batten down the hatches for dealing with both girls on my own while […]