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The Possibility of Everything

So, I'm going to Nashville tomorrow to meet three of my best friends from high school. This trip just kind of came together out of nowhere a couple of months ago when we realized that it had been 5 or 6 years since the four of us had been together all at the same time. […]

On Returning From Los Angeles

I returned home from LA last night and I'm still feeling washed out and travel-weary. None of the things I worried about — Bug missing me too much, me dying in a plane crash, Bug not wanting to nurse when I got back, Greg being too overwhelmed — none of it happened. Instead, I had […]

Airplanes and Other Adventures: 14-Month Letter

Dear Veronica, I just put you to sleep in the nursery, tears in my eyes, and will write this letter out to you while you take your morning nap. I am dumbstruck with love for you my dear. Watching you tumble over into sleep, your body growing heavy in my arms, your long pretty eyelashes […]