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Home From New York

We got home late last night, after a 12 hour delay, most of which was spent in the JetBlue Terminal at JFK. (On a side note — if you ever have to be stuck in an airport for an unknown period of time, keep your fingers crossed that it is the incredibly swanky and plush […]

Update from New York

Hi! I’m cozied up on a bed by the window, watching the snow come down outside and taking a moment to reflect on the last couple of days. Life right now just continues to be surreal and emotional. There have been so many layers of this whole book thing, and coming here to New York […]

Fourteen Years

Today marks 14 years since my mother died. In just a few more years I will have been alive without her as long as I was with her. I dread that date so much. There is something so profoundly sad about that idea to me. Each year on her death anniversary I silently calculate how […]