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Notes From Florida

We're still in Florida and I'm counting our remaining hours with dread. I don't want to go back to Chicago winter. It has been incredibly rejuvenating to bask in 80 degree weather. We've gone to the pool every single day and Vera is turning into a really enthusiastic swimmer. I've got a good tan going […]

On the Importance of Relaxation

We're in Naples, Florida with Greg's parents, taking some much needed vacation time, and soaking up the sun and warm weather. See more photos here.

Self-Reflection Monday

Life these days has felt portentious. Meaningful coincidences have seemingly collided with each step I take, and when I step back for a moment, in hopes of glimpsing the bigger picture, it's one that is better than I had hoped to dream. It's a weird thing to have everything you want. There have only been […]