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Dear Vera & Jules: Think of Me as Every Place

Dear Vera & Jules, It’s Christmas afternoon in Los Angeles, warm and sunny, and there is still sand between my toes from our walk on the beach today. You both woke up promptly at 6AM, excited to see what Santa brought for you, and if he liked the cookies you made for him, and Vera […]

Dear Girls: On Being Brave

Dear Girls, Last week I took you for a check up at the doctor’s office and you both got a few shots. Picture me sitting on the exam table one of you in each of my arms, clinging to me, hot and sweaty with tears and quaking sobs. My heart both breaks and swells into […]

Notes from Ohio

Hello from Ohio! As I write this a winter storm is raging softly outside the windows. Juliette is napping, Vera is drawing, and my mother-in-law is reheating last night’s Christmas meal. We head home tomorrow (snow permitting) after a solid ten days in the midwest. It’s been such a nice trip, catching up with old […]