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All This: Reflections on Atlanta

I returned from my trip to Atlanta the other day and have been trying to catch up ever since. As I write this my suitcase sits in the dining room, yet to be unpacked, and I still have a million thank you emails to write to everyone who came out to my reading on Tuesday […]

Notes from Atlanta

We landed in Atlanta yesterday, after a long, but actually kind of pleasant, flight. I held back tears saying goodbye to Veronica at the airport in Los Angeles, nuzzling into her while she sat strapped into her car seat. I whispered to her, “I love you more than anything in the whole world.” And again, […]

Notes from Ohio

Hello from Ohio! As I write this a winter storm is raging softly outside the windows. Juliette is napping, Vera is drawing, and my mother-in-law is reheating last night’s Christmas meal. We head home tomorrow (snow permitting) after a solid ten days in the midwest. It’s been such a nice trip, catching up with old […]