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Beach Days

I dusted off my Nikon today and took it down to the beach with us, to meet Zoe and Becky for a play date. It was supposed to rain, but somehow the clouds disappeared, the temperature rose, and it suddenly turned into one of those heavenly days that lifts your mood, whether you like it […]

Friday Happiness

So far, one of my favorite things about becoming a real author has been getting to meet other real authors. I’ve actually met tons of writers in the last ten years, through various jobs and events and persistence, but getting to meet them on this level is a different experience. I’m meeting writers whom I’ve […]

Photos of My Parents Becoming Parents

My aunt and uncle were in town from Cape Cod over the weekend (hence the lack of posting — I went straight from the SF trip into out-of-town guests) and my aunt brought me a bunch of old photos. There was a whole little album with pictures of my mother pregnant and bringing me home. […]