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A Room of One’s Own (Finding My Voice in the Midst of Parenthood)

A week ago I said goodbye to these three and drove away from my little home in Santa Monica. It was weirdly easy to do, an indication, I think, of just how much I needed to get away. I think the most startling thing for me about being a parent, from the very first day, […]

Dear Juliette: Nine Months In, Nine Months Out

Dear Juliette, You are nine months old now. You have officially lived outside of my body, just as long as you were inside of it. There’s something about this nine month mark. I felt it with your sister too. There’s an independence that comes with it, an attachment that is less to me, and more […]

On Being Seen

On Monday I took Vera to ballet class, as usual. And as usual, I spent the majority of her class time chasing after Juliette who crawled around the anteroom with the other babies, trying to put every pair of tap shoes she could find into her mouth. But every few minutes I made sure to […]