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Getting Nervous

I’m back to feeling nervous about giving birth. Yesterday marked three weeks until my due date, and last night Greg and I lay in bed watching a show on his laptop and observing my belly jump and pulse with the baby’s movements. “In like a month we’re going to be watching the finale of this […]

Motherhood: A Life Unexpected

Being a mother is never something I imagined for myself. Inside all the things I’ve dreamed of becoming in my life (a veterinarian, a marine biologist, a poet, a nurse, a therapist, an author), mother was never among them. When I made the decision a few years ago that I did, in fact, want a baby […]

Dear Baby: It’s About Time I Wrote You a Letter

Dear Baby, You’re almost here and I’m not sure I’ve written you even one letter yet. When I was pregnant with your sister I wrote to her weekly, reporting on the pregnancy, speculating on our future together, and describing the little life she was about to be part of with me and your father. But […]