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Getting Ready for Baby

I’m suddenly very aware that the sand in the hourglass of my pregnancy is swiftly running out. Only six more weeks, which also means I’m entering that time when it feels like it could happen any day, although it’s highly likely that I’ll go until I’m actually full term (June 12). Greg and I have […]

Tag Team Weekend

It was a nice weekend. Dinners with friends, birthday parties, errands, house cleaning, the gym, life maintenance stuff. It's always nice to get stuff done, right? Cross stuff off that perpetual list. We spend a lot of our weekends this way now. I terribly miss the scope of our weekends pre-baby though. I miss sleeping […]


My post last Friday was born out of a lot of anxiety I experienced following an ultrasound I had on Friday morning. But I found out today that there is nothing to worry about. I went for a check-up with my midwife last week and told her about some cramping I was experiencing so she […]