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This Closeness

Every morning when V wakes up we bring her into our bed. This usually affords us another 20 minutes of snoozing, and sometimes (very rarely) she'll fall back asleep for a while. Most of the time though she nurses on and off, jabbers away and flops back and forth between the two of us, exclaiming, […]

Confession: I’m Not Very Good at Normal Life

This is a confession of sorts. The gist of it? I'm not that good at living a normal life. This is something I learned about myself a long time ago, but it's something I seem to forget from time to time. In thinking about my good enough project, and the hows and whys and the […]

On Knowing Who You Are: 16 Month Letter

Dear Veronica, You are 16 months old today. I took this photo of you this afternoon, just outside the house. There is no doubt that you know who you are. When I ask where Veronica is, you point proudly to your chest and declare yourself Gaca. Not surprisingly, I am almost too tired to write […]