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On the Places That Shape Us

A couple of months ago while I was working on the last chapter of my book I came across some old papers from around the time my father died. In them I found a note I had written reminding myself that my father would like some of his ashes scattered in his hometown of Rogers […]

The Last Time I Moved to California

The last time I moved to California I was twenty-four years old. I'd been living in Manhattan's East Village for four years, finishing my BA at the New School and bartending in Union Square. I desperately did not want to leave New York. I had an internship at Time Out New York magazine and had […]

Writing For My Dad

Life has suddenly gotten very busy. Thankfully, I thrive on being busy so this kind of breathless activity only enlivens me more, but gosh, when I say busy, I mean really busy. For instance I'm going out of town twice in the next week. First to Nashville, and then to New York. (But more on […]