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On Halves, the Other Kind

One of my best friends is in town from Los Angeles this week, so let me just preface this post by saying that I'm a bit distracted seeing as we're headed out the door shortly to breakfast and a fun day of being out and about in a (sunny and not that cold!) Chicago day. […]

What I Tell My Daughter Before She Goes to Sleep

Ever since the dawn of sleep training (which has been an absolute, life-saving success), I've developed a little bedtime routine with Veronica that I'm quite fond of. Each night, after her bath, as I nurse her in the glider next to her crib, I talk to her about life. These moments have become the most […]

Going Out in the World Doesn’t Change Who We’ve Become, Only Who We’re Becoming

I grew up in Atlanta, a place I hardly ever think about, a place I sometimes forget that I even have a connection to. You see, my family isn't Southern. My father was raised in Michigan, my mother in Connecticut — our time in the South simply a brief, consolidated period in our family history. […]