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Dear Vera: A Letter About Now and Then and When

Dear Vera, You woke up from a nightmare at 5:30 this morning and your dad brought you into bed with us. You curled and shifted and pressed against me, whispering in my ear and twisting and turning until your warm, little body finally went still and your breathing evened out, my arms wrapped tight around […]

A New Book Cover for the Australian Version of THE RULES OF INHERITANCE

The lovely people at Text Publishing in Australia have designed a completely new cover for THE RULES OF INHERITANCE and I love it! Every time I look at it I get a little teary. My mother is going to be on the cover of my book. I cannot even express how that makes me feel. […]

Monday in Santa Monica

Well, Lily is gone. All three of us took her to the vet this morning and we were all together in the room with her when she took her last breaths. I smoothed out the hair on her nose and held one of her little paws for the last time. Greg ran his fingers over […]