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Dear Juliette: What I Know Already

Dear Juliette, You are just over two weeks old now. I’d like to say that I can’t imagine life before you arrived, but that’s not quite true. It’s only been two weeks and we’re all still adjusting to being a family of four. What I can’t remember is what is was like to be just […]

Juliette Marie: The Story Behind the Name

We only had two names during this whole pregnancy. Juliette Marie, if it was a girl. Everett William, if it was a boy. I’m still mourning the loss of Everett a little. I really loved that name. We were going to call him Ever or Rett for short and I imagined that he would have […]

Juliette Marie Boose: Birth Story

I have another daughter. Juliette Marie Boose. She was born on Father’s Day, June 17th, 2012 at 9:02pm. Here’s the story: I can’t help but begin with this quote that I found years ago in an essay online: “If I’ve learned anything in ten years of motherhood, it’s that the way our children are brought […]