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With Gratitude from New York City

It’s 10:30 on Wednesday night and I’m sitting alone in my friend’s apartment near Times Square listening to cabs honking outside and the low rumble of garbage trucks moving up and down the street. Everything about this place and these sounds bring back a hundred familiar memories, except today was a day unlike any other […]

My Book is Going to Australia…And So Am I

I have been bursting to share this news for the last week or so: Australian publisher Text has officially acquired the rights to THE RULES OF INHERITANCE and will be publishing the book next year. In addition to putting out the book, they’re bringing me to Australia for a book tour. The people at Text […]

On Teachers, Even Those We’ve Never Met

I’ve had a lot of great writing teachers in my life. Two of them were actual teachers, in schools with books and assignments and criticism to hand over. One was in high school and the other was in college. When I sold my memoir this year I emailed both of them to say thank you, […]