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Rules of Inheritance: The Movie

I couldn’t be more thrilled, or more humbled, to announce that my book is being turned into a film starring Jennifer Lawrence. You can read about it in several places online, and I’m going to paste the official press release below. This project has been over a year in the making so far, with Jennifer […]

All This: Reflections on Atlanta

I returned from my trip to Atlanta the other day and have been trying to catch up ever since. As I write this my suitcase sits in the dining room, yet to be unpacked, and I still have a million thank you emails to write to everyone who came out to my reading on Tuesday […]

On How I Became a Lifetime Subscriber to Entertainment Weekly

Okay everyone, we can officially call off all publicity efforts for my book. I have reached the pinnacle. No, seriously. It may sound surprising, but the one place I was really, really, really hoping my book would get a mention was in Entertainment Weekly. And yesterday it happened. I was home on the couch with […]