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On Grief and Healing

I began working in the world of grief in 2007, officially becoming a bereavement counselor for a hospice in Chicago a few months after I graduated from my masters program. I did so almost with curiosity, which is strange to look back on now that this path I’ve been on seems so strong and so […]


A couple of months ago I wrote about my friends Ron and Ken, a couple I had the privilege of meeting just before I moved away from Chicago. Ken died just days after I left and I’ve been following along through email and via Ron’s blog to see how he’s been doing. This week in […]

On Remembering Those Quiet Days

After my father died I found myself living alone in his condominium in Orange County. The days following his death were lonely ones. After having lived with him for so long it felt impossibly strange and disquieting to come home to those rooms by myself. I turned on music and opened the patio doors to […]