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On Finding Peace, When You Least Expect It

It's Monday midday, and I'm sitting in a coffee shop near my office. I'm in that interim between work and home, so often only experienced in the car, those short twenty minutes sometimes the only time I have to myself each day. My good enough project has been lagging a bit. Or maybe it has […]

How Having a Baby Ruined My Marriage (Kidding, Sort Of)

I always cringe now when I hear someone on a TV show (or God forbid, real life) say something about how they want to have a baby so that it will bring their marriage back around. Having a baby didn't really ruin my marriage, but it sure did change it. Greg and I had only […]

Confession: I’m Not Very Good at Normal Life

This is a confession of sorts. The gist of it? I'm not that good at living a normal life. This is something I learned about myself a long time ago, but it's something I seem to forget from time to time. In thinking about my good enough project, and the hows and whys and the […]