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My Mother’s Daughter

Last night we had friends over for dinner and as I was preparing the meal I thought a lot about my mother and how much I might and might not be like her. On the surface I think I’m very much like her. I’m tall and confident, friendly and engaging. I like to entertain and […]

Ways to Be

Last night Tarek and my friend Cat joined me and Greg for dinner and we had the nicest time out on the deck in the warm breeze under the moonlit sky. I made the best homemade pizza I’ve made yet with spicy chicken sausage, my special red sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, and kalamata olives […]

Looking Forward

It’s Monday morning, the first week of June. This weekend Greg and I are having a big engagement party and in addition to all of our fun Chicago friends, Greg’s parents are coming in from Ohio and one of my best friends (and bridesmaids!) Lien is coming from LA. She arrives on Thursday night and […]