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A New Season

This morning I got up before 6AM. This is the first day of me beginning a new regime. Last Friday, as evidenced by my last post, after I’d finished setting up my new computer and downloading all my old files and photos, I suddenly saw my life here in Chicago with fresh eyes. I was […]


I’m sitting here at my desk at 6:30 on a Wednesday evening feeling depleted. I’m listening to Beethoven softly on the speakers and from the apartment above me I can hear the strum of my neighbor’s guitar. It’s snowing softly outside and all I want to do is crawl into bed. I’ve been crying a […]

Last Week of Nothingness

Did you know that Oprah comes on at 9AM  here in Chicago? I wish I didn’t know this. I wish I could say that I didn’t sleep until almost 9 this morning and then get up and put on Oprah on low volume while I drank coffee and read emails. It’s Friday. And it’s my […]