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Remembering My Father

I've been in a funk all week. Just feeling kind of down. Kind of anxious. There are so many reasons. The holidays. Monthly female stuff. The cold, cold temperatures (I'm starting to think there is really something to this seasonal affective disorder). Work stress. General malaise. Yesterday was one of those days that I just […]

A Passing Cloud

I’ve been a little sad for the last week. I’m not really sure why. Last night I finally tried to put words to whatever it is I’ve been feeling. I sat on the deck with Greg at dusk, the cicadas ringing in the trees and little drifts of fallen golden leaves all around us on […]


Last night I went to the first session of my three-week meditation workshop. I tried meditation for the first time last year, and for a while I was going to private sessions with a wonderful instructor at LA Dharma in Westwood. The experience I had in the couple of months that I was practicing was […]