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Sixteen Years Without Her

Dear Mom, You have been gone for 16 years. Almost half of my life. All morning I’ve been trying to imagine what you would think of me now. I’m thirty-four years old. I live in California. I’m married with two little girls. I’m a writer, and a therapist. I keep wondering if these are the […]

15 Years of Not Having a Mother

Dear Mom, Today marks 15 years since you’ve been gone. I’m devastated by that number. I can hardly bear to think about how many millions of times my cells have recycled since I last saw you. Can hardly bear to conceive of all the ways I’ve changed and grown since you knew me, your daughter. […]

Thirteen Years

This past Sunday marked 13 years since my mother died. Every year I write her a letter. Last year’s can be found here. January 24, 2010 Dear Mom, It is January 24 and you have been dead for 13 years. I woke up this morning and lay in the dark in bed, listening to the […]