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Objects of Loss

In the months and weeks following my mother’s death, my father and I carefully pulled apart the pieces of her material life. We sorted through her closet, threw away her cosmetics, gave away her cookbooks, her shoes, tossed away the little scraps of paper that ran rampant on her desk, her looping handwriting cascading across […]

Kale and Potato Quiche with Mozzarella

I’ve been in love with quiche for as long as I can remember. I make it all the time. Seriously. To me, quiche is the perfect food. It can be eaten any time of the day, you can make it a thousand ways, and it’s delicate yet filling. After years of messing around with different […]

Not My Mother’s Hoppin’ John (Southern Black Eyed Peas & Rice)

Although I’ve lived all over the place at this point, I was actually born and raised in Georgia. In the South it’s a tradition to eat a dish called Hoppin’ John on New Year’s Day. Made of black eyed peas and rice, it’s meant to bring on prosperity and good fortune in the year ahead. […]