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My Obsession With Food

Okay, so over the holiday break I made an entire Flickr album consisting solely of food-related photos. I would LOVE to tell you that I just have too much time on my hands, but these days, that is never the case. I just have an obsession with food.      I've written about this many times […]

Storing Memories

Sometimes I think about how Veronica is never going to remember anything that has happened in her life so far. All these past seventeen months, and even more to come, will be forgotten. Sure, every moment of them will have an enormous impact on who she is, but the details of it all will remain […]

Summer Dinner Party

We had a really lovely summer weekend. We went to the beach and the park, slept in late (7am!), caught up on movies and a few magazines (only trashy entertainment ones, of course) and had the nicest dinner party on the deck with friends on Saturday. So nice, in fact, that I thought I'd do […]