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Little Life Lessons

Thursday was a long travel day and I think we all spent most of yesterday still trying to recover. We dismantled the Christmas tree, put away all of our new and lovely gifts, did loads and loads of laundry. Went to Trader Joes. Took the cats in the backyard for some fresh air. Showered, cooked, […]

Then and Now

I went out with girlfriends tonight, only one of a handful of times I’ve been out at night since Jules was born. I put on heels and squeezed myself into some jeans that still don’t quite fit, and I drove to Venice to meet four of my best friends at a restaurant that we’ve been […]

The Price of It All

When Greg and I met, I was coming off the first substantial amount of time I’d ever spent on my own. I’d grown strong and independent during this time. I lived alone, put myself to bed every night, traveled to and from Los Angeles, always returning with the knowledge that I wasn’t reliant on anyone. […]