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Dreams of My Mother

Last night I dreamed about my mother. Specifically, I dreamed that I was besotted with grief over her death, and crying in big, heaping tears. I was crying the way I sometimes want to, but seldom do anymore. I’ve been missing her a lot lately. I’ve been wondering what she would think of me if […]

Finding My Mother Again

This morning Greg let me sleep in a bit while he got up with the baby. Then around 7:30 Vera woke up and crawled in bed with me. It’s so rare that the baby isn’t with me that we had a few moments of special time together. She was cold from having kicked off her […]

What I Think About at 3:34 in the Morning

I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night. Even if it’s not Vera or one of the cats waking me up, I’m just in that stage of pregnancy where sleeping for long periods of time is an impossibility. I usually have no trouble falling asleep, but if something wakes me before 7AM, […]