Life in LA, Again

I am practically tearful with happiness as I report that I officially live in Los Angeles again. We rolled into town around 1:30 yesterday, after a harrowing last hour on the LA freeways (which almost made Greg want to turn around and head back to Chicago, but which actually made me teary with glee to be back in my beloved city.)

We arrived at my friend Abby’s house and were greeted by her mother and by the most thoughtful welcome basket dropped off by my friends Lien and Liz. For those of you who don’t know, we’re house-sitting for three months in Topanga Canyon while my friend Abby and her family are working in Europe. Our biggest problem now is how we’re ever going to leave! This house is just too nice — up on a mountain with a big backyard, 4 bedrooms and beautiful hiking trails right out the front door.

Okay, a lot more soon.  We’re headed to Venice and my old haunting grounds shortly. For now here’s a photo of me and Greg in Black Dragon Canyon, Utah.


Hello from Colorado!

Well, we made it to Vail yesterday. Another 9 hours in the car, marking a little more than half way there. We spent most of the morning in Nebraska and finally crossed the border into Colorado around lunchtime. The mountains appeared on the horizon just before we reached Denver and both Greg and I shared in a palpable excitement about being in such new territory.

I’ve driven across the country 6-8 times now and it never fails to be kind of thrilling. It’s just kind of amazing that you can drive from one end of it to the other. And to watch the landscape change in such a dramatic fashion is really kind of inspiring. The Rocky Mountains are absolutely humbling and beautiful and intense to drive through. We can’t stop talking about the people who pioneered these roads. It’s simply remarkable.

We’re shooting for Mesquite, Nevada tonight, which will put us about 6 hours from Los Angeles. I can hardly believe that our new life in California starts TOMORROW. I’m still having trouble believing that we don’t live on Sunnyside anymore. It just feels like we’re on a crazy trip and will go home to our apartment in a few days, but that’s not at all true.

So far the cats and the kid are holding up, but they are all definitely getting a little feisty. Anyway, wish us luck today!

Also, I uploaded a ton of photos to Flickr last night from our last few days in Chicago and even up through our visit to Vail last night. If you’re interested, here they are.


On Our Way

I’m tapping this out from our hotel room in Lincoln, Nebraska, which is where we landed after 9 hours and 520 miles yesterday. All is going well so far! We had a tearful and also exciting departure from Chicago, and now we just can’t stop shaking our heads that a. we no longer live in Chicago and b. we don’t have a home. Life is nothing but an adventure, my dad used to say.

We’ve been getting lots of fun looks on the road as people pass us and peer in to see who these California or Bust people are. We’re shooting for Vail tonight. Wish us luck on the road!

I am so thrilled to be writing this post on my beautiful, new website. My friend Mark Furrow (Ashley’s fiance!) designed it and I am so humbled by all the work he has put into it. There are still a few things to finish with it, but I made him promise to get it up by today so that I could officially leave behind Life in Chicago. Hope you enjoy!