The Stuff of Myths

There are stories we tell ourselves about our lives, some of them are true, some of them are kind-of-true. Often the big things end up as myths, fantastically, beautifully, kind-of-true tales that we once lived. They evolve over years, taking on different cadences and tones to suit our ever-evolving personas, as we move through life.

I look at my parents’ lives this way, and much of my own life as well. All of it, this strange kind of fairy tale that has morphed from something once startling and all too-bright, into something softer and more nuanced, layered with realizations and long-uncovered facts that surfaced only much later. Sometimes it’s easy to see the very things that will be come the stories of our lives.

Five years ago this past Sunday I changed the entire course of my life when I switched a flight and, instead of returning home to Los Angeles, stopped in Chicago to meet a guy named Greg Boose. I’ll never forget the feeling that I was altering something big, even if I didn’t quite believe it would ultimately lead me where it has.

Greg took this photo of me that afternoon in Chicago. We spent 16 hours together before I got on a flight back to LA, knowing that my life had irrevocably changed.

The day we met happened to be his mother’s birthday. Greg shares my father’s birthday. The overlapping of life’s big moments never ceases to amaze me.

We would meet on Cape Cod a month after that first encounter in Chicago, knowing we were in love and committed to the thing, even if it meant the ultimate upheaval of everything we thought we knew.

A year later we would be engaged and living together in Chicago, just weeks away from our wedding.

And a year after that I looked like this:

A few days later we became three.

And then one year ago today, the three of us headed west.

And now we wait, for one more myth, one more date, one more person to enter our story.


I’m reading and hosting this event tonight at the Santa Monica Barnes & Noble. You should come! There will be cake!


Wednesday Report


I know I’ve been MIA for a few days. There’s not much to report though, other than the fact that I’ve had the worst chest cold of my life. I’ve been miserable but also trying to ignore it in order to spend time with my friend Holly who has been in town, and who just left today. I’ve had a few contractions here and there but nothing too interesting. I just got home from the OB who says that I could pretty much go at anytime.

Greg’s youngest brother arrives today with his girlfriend so if I go into labor while they’re here then they can watch Vera for us, which is nice. But after they leave there’s a solid week before Greg’s parents show up. I don’t really have a feeling one way or the other about how long this could go on for. Last time I thought I would go early, but this time I feel a lot more at peace with it just happening when it does. Although, I would like it to be when someone can easily be with Vera.

Anyway, that’s all from my end. How are you guys?


Three Years Ago

It’s early on Saturday morning and I’m sitting here at my desk, wiping tears off my face. Greg and Vera are both still sleeping and I’ve been up for an hour, rereading through my blog posts from three years ago — the month leading up to Veronica’s birth. Gosh, I was so impatient those last weeks! I was going crazy wondering when the baby would arrive and what it would all be like. It’s so different this time around — not that I’m not anticipatory and ready to meet the new baby — but there is just so much more going on to worry about.

It was so strange to read about that last month before I became a mother. I was so caught up in suspense over all the ways my life was going to change and wondering who was inside of me, so it was really quite sweet to read those entries all these years later, knowing that it was my beautiful, wild Vera all that time and that I would simply become a mother just like every woman does when the time comes.

I can hardly believe all that has happened in the last three years. Not just all the growth that Veronica has incurred, but all that we’ve gone through as well — moves, and jobs and books and friends and huge life realizations and plans. I feel definitively older and wiser since having become a parent.

In comparison to three years ago I am definitely just as uncomfortable and obsessed with potential signs of labor, but I also have a million other things going on — essays to write, a book reading event to organize for next week (you should come!), friends in town, Vera’s birthday to plan for, Australian book tour in a couple of months, finances to worry about, a private practice to sustain, and a second book to work on…Life just keeps plowing forward, with this baby coming somewhere in the middle of it all.

I could technically go into labor at any minute. It’s amazing to think about how I’ll be posting baby photos soon and nursing again and slipping my finger into a tiny little hand. I’m most excited about introducing Vera to the baby. That’s the part I really can’t wait for. I took a long bath last night, trying to envision a positive and smooth labor experience, and the big prize at the end of it all was definitely the moment I imagined welcoming V into the hospital room to meet her new little brother or sister.

Stay tuned! Could happen soon!