Leaving for Los Angeles

I can hardly believe that several hours from now I’ll be in Los Angeles.

I’m still at home, just out of the shower, a to-do list at hand, the house quiet and contemplative. I can really hardly wrap my head around the fact that I’m going to see all my old friends and my old house and my old neighborhood and the wide, beautiful Pacific ocean. I can’t tell yet if this trip is going to restore or destroy me.

One of my oldest and best friends, Abby, is picking me up at LAX this afternoon and I can’t think of anyone better. She’s the friend to whose house I drove after I dropped Greg at the airport following his first visit to LA (our second-ever date) and I walked into her living room and burst into tears. I’m sure she thought something horrible had happened…until I finally managed to say, between sobs, "I met the man I’m going to marry."

Okay, off to pack!

Greg and I have a new post up on She Wrote, He Wrote today:
Pull Up a Seat at Forkably Hip’s Next Table


Chicago Public Radio Story

This morning, driving to work on the same route I always take, I
got to listen to myself on the radio show that I listen to every
morning. It was surreal, to say the least.

Writing this essay and explaining myself politically was really
important to me. I think it’s really interesting how our political
views are shaped — who and what affects the stances we take and the
important decisions we make.

I hope that anyone who listens to what I had to say this morning
pauses, if only for a moment, to think about why they feel the way they
do about our presidential candidates. Now isn’t the time to hold onto
old beliefs that don’t make sense anymore or to let yourself be
influenced by people who don’t share the same values you do.

Listen to my piece here:

From Right to Left


Tuesday Morning

I woke up this morning when Greg got up, at quarter to six, and I couldn’t fall back asleep. So many things racing through my mind.

I’m going to LA tomorrow and I can’t wait to see all my friends and the place that still feels like home. It’s going to be surreal — I haven’t been back since the day I left and there are so many friends I haven’t seen since that week as well. I wish I was going to be there for a week!

And in about half an hour, a story I recorded for Chicago Public Radio is going to air on the morning news program, Eight Forty Eight. I really can’t wait to hear it. I’m going to try to be in my car, driving to work, like I usually am when I hear Eight Forty Eight…it’s going to be so strange to hear myself!

I’ll post a link when it airs.

Have to rush now to the bank before work and to make sure I’m in my car when my story comes on!

More soon…