Back to Work

It was nice to go back to work yesterday. You know I've been at that job for over a year now and I'm definitely pretty settled in. I like the people I work with. It's a funny thing about work, isn't it? Being forced to spend time with people that you would never normally spend time with, and usually don't really like in the first place. But then, after a while, hopefully, you begin to get to know them all for their little eccentricities and funny personality traits and you're able to simply appreciate them for the unique space they occupy in the world.

The people I work with are like that and I've really come to enjoy their company. They still don't know anything about me being a writer or having a blog or getting published in various magazines or that I review restaurants or go on travel trips sometimes. I'm just kind of the young one on the team, the new wife, the pregnant chick, the one who moved here from California (how about this cold, huh? not what you're used to, I bet!).

So it was good to go back yesterday to my little desk and familiar work routines. One of my well-meaning colleagues put a little ceramic angel figurine (a Precious Moments kind of thing) on my desk while I was out having my surgery and, although those sorts of figurines kind of make me cringe, I now feel obligated to leave it there since it was such a nice gesture. 

I've also been busy the last couple of days helping out with a new venture called The Printed Blog. The idea is to take the best of the blogs and put it in a daily print paper. Pretty counter-intuitive right now, but nevertheless a unique idea. I've been helping out as editor, choosing blog posts to include in the first issue which will come out on Tuesday. An article in the NY Times came out today about the whole thing. I'll actually be working on this until late tonight in the downtown office.

So yeah, not just back to work, but back to WORK.

Oh, and I think I felt some kicks late yesterday afternoon. It's so hard to tell still!


Things as Usual

I'm going back to work today.

I've been feeling so much better this week. The pain, which last week was probably a 7 on the pain scale of 1-10, is now a 1. I'm hardly even thinking about it and am able to sit up and down without really noticing it all. Which is just such a relief because last week was truly torturous and I was so worried that it would go on like that for weeks. The only thing that still really hurts is laughing…so it kind of sucks right now to be married to such a funny guy. Yeah you, Greg.

I'm glad to be going back to work though. I've been sitting around the house for too many days now. I've worked on a fair amount of writing projects. I've watched a lot of tv and movies. I've taken a lot of naps. I've eaten a lot of chocolate. I've burned through a 1,000 page Anne Rice novel and I've spent an inordinate amount of time with the cats. It's definitely time to get back to a normal routine.

I'm tired though this morning. I had anxiety dreams all night last night and woke up often, thinking of all the things I need to do today. I kept dreaming about being at the doctor's office and asking her to listen for the baby's heartbeat. But everything kept going wrong. Blood pressure cuffs weren't working and the doppler radar was nowhere to be found. It was so stressful.

I'm just past 20 weeks and I'm still not really feeling the baby kick. I had always thought that by now I'd be feeling it like crazy but in the last week I think I've only felt it a few times…and even then, I haven't been positive that was it. I was feeling it for sure before the surgery but ever since, I haven't been able to tell what's what in there. I told my doctor this last Friday and she said not to worry, that I would feel it soon enough.

When I google things like "20 weeks and still haven't felt the baby kick," I see that there are lots of women reporting the same thing and that some women don't really feel it until 22-24 weeks and my books say the same thing, but it still seems like most women say 20 weeks. Maybe things just got so moved around with the cyst being taken out that the baby just has more room. I do know that my stomach is still growing — I feel bigger than ever right now.

But I'm ready for the reassurance of some regular, solid kicks. Maybe going back to work will inspire the baby to get to work too!

I just realized that it's probably weird for me not to mention what a historic day yesterday was. I, like the rest of the world, spent the morning glued to the television. And I, like the rest of the world, couldn't be more thrilled that I'll be raising my child under the Obama administration. What a glorious weight has been lifted from the United States.


20 Weeks

As of yesterday, I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant.

I've gained 7 pounds. And lost 1 pound (the cyst).

You can check out a progression of baby bump photos here.