Curried Butternut Squash Soup


One of the things I regret most about losing my mother so early is that she never got to see my food tastes evolve. She died when I was eighteen and just coming out of almost a decade of pickiness. She used to joke that I was on a "white diet," meaning that I only ate things that were white. Examples given: bread, rice, plain pasta, parmesan cheese.

My mother, with all of her culinary adventurousness, used to literally beg me to try something and, much like Veronica in this week's video, I would purse my lips and turn my head. I only wish now that I could sit down to a meal with my mother, that I could cook with her, travel with her, take her to a restaurant I am reviewing.

The best I can do is know that she would be wildly happy to see me eating and cooking something like the below recipe.



This Week, in Recap

About a month ago I decided that things had gotten a little stale around here and that I needed to put more energy into Life in Chicago. Hard to do with a six-month old, but not impossible.

Anyway, I think it's been a pretty good week around here, and much like one of those annoyingly long commercials that they show at the movies that has a recap at the end, I thought I'd revisit a few things that happened this week.



Six Months Already?! And the Return of She Wrote, He Wrote!

She Wrote, He Wrote is back! And just in time for Veronica's six month birthday!

She Wrote, He Wrote 010 

*If you're not familiar with She Wrote, He Wrote, it's a blog that Greg and I created in 2008. Organized into a he said, she said format, we both write about the same experience, usually from very different perspectives. We took a hiatus from it for a while, but have decided to start it up again. I'll announce new posts here as they go up.


And happy birthday Veronica!