City Living…with a Baby

I think if you're still living in the city after you become a parent
there is that inevitable push to move to the suburbs, or at least
somewhere more baby friendly. I think this is partly because it makes
sense in a million ways, and partly because your parent friends who made
the leap from city apartment to neighborhood house want some company
out there in the burbs.

Well, we're not there yet. Maybe not ever.
I love living in the city and I can't really imagine doing otherwise,
at least not for a long time.

That said, city-living when you're a
parent isn't always easy. Cramped living quarters, public
transportation and the fast pace of it all can be challenging when
you've got a kid to tote along.


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Weekly Wednesday Photo (Boose Family Edition)

Veronica, eleven months + 3 weeks

Only one more weekly photo session left after this one! I'm going to cry — it's all happening too fast!

We took the monkey to Ohio over Memorial Day and took advantage of the large amount of Booses who were present. Below you'll see photos of Veronica with her cousins and her uncles, Veronica with her grandparents and Veronica with her uncle/godfather Brad.

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This Time, Last Year

I can't stop thinking about this time last year.

It was the last ten days of my pregnancy. The last ten days before I became a mother. I've been running over each day as the anniversary nears.

Me and Greg on my due date, June 6:

Due date

Last year we stayed in town for Memorial Day weekend because I was too close to my due date to go anywhere. We had a BBQ on the deck that nobody came to because all our friends were out of town. Well, like 6 people came, but Greg and I still refer to it as that embarrassing party that no one came to.

And then it was my last week of work. I worked up until 2 days before my due date, waddling around the office, exclaiming loudly to anyone who would listen that "I just want this thing out of me!" Everyone chuckled and took that opportunity to tell me that they were sure I was having a boy. And by that time I was pretty sure they were right.

My last day of work was a Thursday. Bug was due on that Saturday. We spent my due date going to a new (and awesomely huge) Whole Foods with friends, where I had a glass of Prosecco to celebrate reaching my due date and was given menacing glares from fellow customers due to my enormous belly. We saw a French film that night that Greg hated and that I didn't mind and I had a few of my first-ever contractions that night, but nothing too exciting.

That Sunday I went to prenatal yoga one last time, relishing my "senior mommy" status and proudly stating that I was one day past my due date.

Monday came and went.

And then on Tuesday Greg and I walked to Lincoln Square to see The Hangover at the Davis Theatre and after that we walked to Semi Ramis for falafel. There was a lot of walking during those days, trying desperatelyt to walk that baby out of me.

We were both so full of anticipation and frustration. This HUGE thing was about to happen at any second and our lives were going to change completely…but when?

Finally, that Tuesday night after dinner, I started really having contractions. Labor stopped and started until Veronica was finally born the following night at half past 11. I had the beautiful natural birth I had aimed for and I also got the girl that I so badly wanted.

And now it is almost a year later. I can hardly believe it.

Greg said today that it feels like we've been parents for much longer than just a year, and he's right. It does seem like a long time.

I'm just so, so, so happy that she's here.