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Trying Not to Panic About How We’re Moving in Like 27 Days

It's Wednesday morning early. Greg and Veronica are playing in the front part of the house and I'm staring blearlily around the house, thinking about how we have less than a month to dismantle it all. Moving always makes me kind of panicky, in an emotional way. For all the loss and change I've experienced […]

On the Places That Shape Us

A couple of months ago while I was working on the last chapter of my book I came across some old papers from around the time my father died. In them I found a note I had written reminding myself that my father would like some of his ashes scattered in his hometown of Rogers […]


Apologies for my absence. One of my best friends, Lien, has been in town from LA for the last four days and we really did it up. On Friday night we surprised Greg with tickets to an Arcade Fire / The National show. Saturday we hit up the opening of Grant Achatz's The Aviary (see […]