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On Teachers, Even Those We’ve Never Met

I’ve had a lot of great writing teachers in my life. Two of them were actual teachers, in schools with books and assignments and criticism to hand over. One was in high school and the other was in college. When I sold my memoir this year I emailed both of them to say thank you, […]

An Attempt at California Style

Four months into our new life in California and we’re making small attempts here and there to fit in with the surfers and skaters and balmy weather. Over the summer Greg bought his first pair of white jeans, Veronica has remained endlessly tan and I’ve kind of fallen in love with the fact that there […]

Required Reading

Wow, I am so honored to have received this quote about my book from Darin Strauss this morning. Claire Bidwell Smith has written a beautiful book; it’s a perfectly crafted story — not about grief, but how to walk out of grief with your soul intact; it’s not a lamentaion, but a lesson.THE RULES OF […]