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Countdown to Australia!

Well, it’s official: me and my little family are headed to Australia in a month. I guess this trip has been official for some time, but only until now have I been able to release my the full details of my itinerary. Anyway, I can’t even tell you how excited we all are to go […]


Greg and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary last week and I took time to reflect on all that we’ve created in such a short period. Books and homes and babies and cross-country moves. An astounding amount for 48 months. I can’t decide if it feels like we’ve been married forever or like we […]

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Too

Juliette is a month old. Everyone says that time moves faster with the second, and they’re right. The first month of Vera’s life felt like a year, each day its own kaleidoscope of new beginnings for each of us. In contrast, Juliette has slid into the motion of our family the way the second hand […]